BOOK REVIEW – Into the Arms of Madness

I am sorry, but I really could not buy into the premise of this book. It kept my attention for the first quarter of the book, up until (spoiler ahead), Todd told Bridget that she had eaten a human steak and drank human blood in the food and wine that he had prepared for her, while they were at the cottage. Buy a clue, lady – it is time to run and never look back. But not our Bree. She loves him. I love my husband too, but if he started to feed me human flesh and blood, I would call for professional help immediately, not forgive him and do nothing! That is just silly. Then the family being so complaisant about Todd’s problems and insistence on NOT getting him professional help was beyond all common sense. I was not at all happy with the premise – even though the writing was pretty sound. If the author would keep to a plot that doesn’t strain credulity as much, she could be quite good.


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