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BOOK REVIEW: Palmetto Poison by C. Hope Clark

I think C. Hope Clark gets better and better each time she publishes.  I won’t dwell on plotlines, because I want to note that there is more attention to the character and personality of the folks that populate this novel.  I didn’t even remember that Slade had a sister, but now I feel that I know her pretty well.  I learned more about the dynamics of her family and relationships in this novel that I had before.  Not all of it is positive (i.e. the depiction of her mother’s meddling), but isn’t that the way real families are? There is also enough action and adventure in this book to keep us reading until late in the night. Wayne is becoming more real to me too, and I am beginning to understand Slade’s doggedness when she is working her cases. Clark also chose a slick way to round out the character of Pamela, Wayne’s ex-wife and then effectively get rid of her too.  Well done. I can’t wait for the next novel!


Seen the Commercial for the PIC Cooking Element? Be Very Careful what you buy from these folks

In early February, I bought a PIC element, which I am very pleased with. It is a great alternative to a gas burner, which I can no longer have since I use oxygen. What I did not know was how usurious the shipping costs were. If I remember correctly, the final tally for what one buys flashes on the screen and then disappears. I had no receipt from them with the final costs in my email file. I estimate that I paid about $100 in shipping costs for a $99 dollar product, plus a griddle, some fondue forks, and pans that were advertised as “free.” I chose not to get two PIC elements as I didn’t think I need it, but I was a sucker for the “free” pans and a nominal cost for the griddle. Each of the “free” items ( a pot with a lid, two skillets and fondue forks) carried a shipping cost of $26.95. What on earth in this package could have added up to more than $100 in shipping? I have shipped packages home from foreign countries that didn’t cost that much. What a racket. I was a sucker and I got taken. But you can be sure that everybody I know will hear about this and that is why it is here on my blog. It is non-businesslike and greedy and it really sucks. Why is this necessary other than greed? I wonder how many other people got taken by this line?

A VERY unhappy customer, although I really do love the original product.