Seen the Commercial for the PIC Cooking Element? Be Very Careful what you buy from these folks

In early February, I bought a PIC element, which I am very pleased with. It is a great alternative to a gas burner, which I can no longer have since I use oxygen. What I did not know was how usurious the shipping costs were. If I remember correctly, the final tally for what one buys flashes on the screen and then disappears. I had no receipt from them with the final costs in my email file. I estimate that I paid about $100 in shipping costs for a $99 dollar product, plus a griddle, some fondue forks, and pans that were advertised as “free.” I chose not to get two PIC elements as I didn’t think I need it, but I was a sucker for the “free” pans and a nominal cost for the griddle. Each of the “free” items ( a pot with a lid, two skillets and fondue forks) carried a shipping cost of $26.95. What on earth in this package could have added up to more than $100 in shipping? I have shipped packages home from foreign countries that didn’t cost that much. What a racket. I was a sucker and I got taken. But you can be sure that everybody I know will hear about this and that is why it is here on my blog. It is non-businesslike and greedy and it really sucks. Why is this necessary other than greed? I wonder how many other people got taken by this line?

A VERY unhappy customer, although I really do love the original product.



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